Stories are the material from which we build our social and emotional worlds. From childhood, we are steeped in tales of family, memory, heritage and tradition. Our tales and remembrances are our lived—and living history. In sharing them, we share of ourselves.

At Historicity, our job is to help individuals and families tell and preserve their stories. With a historian’s eye for context and narrative, Historicity helps its clients narrate their stories clearly and chronologically. We use our historical and research expertise to embed those stories within larger historical themes of social, economic and cultural transformation, development, and interaction. Finally, we create from those stories a physical or digital document, preserved for future generations to learn from, and to enjoy.

What We Offer

  • Oral Histories

    The first step in creating a rich and well-told family or individual history—in any format—is the historical interview. Oral history interviews are in-depth accounts of personal experience and reflections, with enough flexibility for subjects to relate their stories as they wish. At Historicity, we put our years of oral history training and experience to work for you; helping your to create and preserve rich and meaningful interview-based historical testimonies and documents. We follow the Oral History Association’s best practices for conducting oral histories, and record interviews as either audio or video (costs additional) to the highest technical and preservation standards.

    At Historicity, the goal of an oral history is to create a biography or family chronicle that can stand alone, or serve as the foundation for further research on a larger project. Historicity will create high-quality audio or video recordings of the interview(s). We will also design and bind an attractive booklet containing error-free transcripts, lightly edited for narrative structure and clarity, and a short interpretive summation.

  •  Books and Articles

    Historicity will work with clients research, write and manage up to book-length historical projects and biographies for individuals and families. Give use the sources, and let Historicity do the work: full service consultation, research, writing, and editing of your personal or family narrative.

  • Video Documentaries

     Work with Historicity and a team of professional videographers and editors to create documentaries and visual stories featuring your interview footage and photographs.

  • Web-based digital history projects

    Create a family history website: a living archive where you and your loved ones can gather, collect, and remember together. Using cutting-edge, high security content management systems, Historicity can help you and your family build a website that houses and preserves digital images, videos and audio recordings, allows users to contribute their own artifacts, and allows site owners to control access and visibility.   

  • Consultation, editing and co-writing

    It’s hard to write about yourself. Let Historicity help you conceptualize your narrative, organize your sources, and work with you to draft an engaging piece of history that captures your story, in exactly the way you want to tell it. If you’ve got a draft, but you’re not sure how how to improve it, work with us to improve your narrative flow, or to add historical context that can better ground your story in its time period.