Contact Historicity for help with historical research support for your litigation and planning strategies.

Environmental Litigation Research

Historicity Consulting can assist in conducting social and environmental impact assessments for legal and advocacy organizations, or in accordance with NEPA requirements for major capital projects. We can give you insight into historic land uses, contracts, as well as resource and property rights. With deep knowledge of historical interview techniques, Historicity can also produce valuable impact assessment documentation directly from affected stakeholders.

Cultural Resources Planning

Historicity Consulting can help your firm obtain cultural resources clearances for a range of projects. Call on us to perform pre-field work research, including studying and reporting the history of each project area based on archival research, and to thoroughly document our results. We more than meet the professional qualifications standards for Archeology and Historic Preservation as defined by the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, and we stand ready to assist your organization with technical report writing, ESRI Arcmap and GIS mapping, and other compliance activities under the National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106), as well as state and local cultural resource regulations.

Historical Contextualization

There are many reasons you or your organization may wish to know more about a particular time or place in history. Whether you seek additional historical context regarding an ongoing lawsuit, or want to understand more about how your market and customers have changed over time, Historicity Consulting can give you a simultaneously broad and detailed historical snapshot of your times, areas and subjects of interest.