Your organization’s proprietary knowledge is among its most valuable assets. Internal workflows and procedures, public relations campaigns, and strategic research on customers, products and competitors all represent significant investments of time, effort, money and expertise. They are resources of enduring worth and use. Your organization’s ability to reuse and share them efficiently is a cornerstone of your competitive advantage.       

Yet even the best-run organizations pay repeatedly for knowledge they already own. Institutional know-how diffuses as organizations expand, and degrades as personnel and business contexts change. As any historian knows, even the most robust records management practices cannot, by themselves, efficiently recirculate knowledge earned through time and experience.

To extract usable knowledge about your organization’s past, you need to know how to find it, how to understand it, and how to reconnect it to your organization’s day-to-day knowledge base. Historicity Consulting fuses advanced historical research techniques (including archival research, oral interviews and social network analysis) with project management and digital curation expertise to create focused knowledge-recovery solutions for your organization.

We partner with you—not just to recover information—but to recreate entire information environments that can help your organization meet new challenges, or simply operate more effectively.



Historicity Consulting can help you to:

  • Marshal your organization’s existing knowledge resources before taking on a major new project.

  • Remediate major data losses. (You may not be able to recover your actual documentation, but with a prompt and robust research and interview campaign involving data stakeholders, you can restore much the knowledge it contained.)

  • Get a better sense of of your organization’s historical relationships with external clients and stakeholders.

  • Restore and reinstitute past practices and procedures.

  • Understand how your organization has met past challenges, defined strategic goals, and what lessons were learned along the way.

  • Recapture your organization’s past contributions to the community and the public


Large organizations and companies have spent billions to preserve proprietary knowledge for immediate use, through shared document and other technology-driven solutions. But ultimately, the problems of knowledge efficiency are both simple, and human. Few organizations need all of their proprietary knowledge all the time, and unused knowledge atrophies quickly.

Historicity Consulting approaches the knowledge-efficiency dilemma from a different direction. We will partner with your organization to identify, find, and unpack their institutional knowledge on an as-needed, just-in-time basis. Access your organization’s knowledge, when you need it.